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I used to get really nervous about the need to schedule a newborn session during the “window” I’d been told to aim for. What if the family and I couldn’t find a time that worked in the first 4-10 days? What if I came down with a cold forcing me to postpone our session until I was 100%, the winter roads were too icy, or the sleep-deprived parents forgot to tell me baby had even arrived? What if the baby got too old?!?

Over the years I’ve learned that I actually prefer timing newborn sessions for around the 3 week mark, and there is no bad time in the first few months for a newborn session. Because my style is more documentary, I love it when a baby is more alert and is figuring out that legs are for kicking, parents’ faces are amazing, and mobiles….mobiles are like, WOAH.

Here are a few photos from a recent session in Cambridge with sweet Baby J, a little guy who proved that “older” newborns are super interesting to photograph.

A Newborn Session with Wonder Woman and Cacti!

| Baby J, Boston Area Newborn Photographer |

Winter weather and a stubborn cold forced us to postpone Baby J’s newborn session twice, but oh, was she worth the wait. I told her parents not to worry- that older babies are often more alert and prone to smiling, two things that are amazing for lifestyle newborn sessions. Baby J proved me right with her bright smile again and again.

Presenting adorable Baby J, Wellesley Class of 2040 (see the last photo) and her glowing moms!




A Cat, New Parents, and a Baby in Canton, MA

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As my own kids grow into size 4 and 8(!) clothing, I find newborn sessions are becoming more and more poignant. Spending a few hours with these families just embarking on their journey into parenthood is so precious. There’s a cute little baby, sure, but there’s also a new depth to their relationship that is so meaningful to photograph. There are also new challenges like trying to figure out how to dress a baby in pants for the first time! Then there are the moments that take me back to when my daughter was a crumpled little thing like when this mom burped little Baby A by supporting his neck while making him “sit” on her lap. That method of burping was the most tried and true for our Lucy, and it would mean so much to me to have a photograph of her little face and furrowed brow from that time.

Before I get teary, I also want to talk about the cat in this session. I am a cat person, and I work hard to get a photo of the family cat with the new baby. During this session while Baby A was being fed, the cat snuck into the nursery, and in a flash, she jumped up to investigate the changing pad, looking back with her tail curled for a brief second. The photo stars aligned for me to catch it!

Newborn on blanket and a cat in the window. 

Boston Area Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

| Welcome Baby O! | Lifestyle Newborn Photography |

By far, my favorite lifestyle newborn photo sessions involve older siblings. Kids are wildly unpredictable, and I just love that about them! Baby O’s older sisters were so excited to welcome me into their home. They flitted about showing me their rooms, how well their mattresses bounced, their baby dolls and books, and the star of the day: their new baby brother. This little baby is so very loved by his family!

It was a pleasure spending the morning with this sweet family and catching authentic moments that I hope will be treasured always!


Newborn Photo Session for Sleepy Baby R

Boston Newborn Photography & Lifestyle Family Session

Sleepy Baby R was a delight to photograph! His mom is an avid knitter, and the little owl hat and cocoon were so adorable. Baby’s older brother was equally fun; I often spend as much time photographing older siblings as I do newborns because the early days of a sibling growing into the big brother or sister role are momentous as well. I think my own daughter grew a foot overnight when I first saw her next to my son! Thank you so much for inviting me into your home, and I look forward to catching the little guy awake come spring!

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Newborn Photo Session for Baby S

| Western Mass Newborn Photography & Lifestyle Family Session |

I could photograph Baby’s S’s big brother all day. The faces he was making while feeding his new sister are hilarious! Opening his mouth to show her what she needed to do, grimacing when a little squirted out, the look of, “Yeah, I got this!” when she took the bottle….

Though they are called “newborn photo sessions,” the interactions between the newborn and her/his parents and other family members are perhaps what I focus on most in a session. Of course, the documentation of teeny tiny baby parts that are so fleeting is also super important. The photo of the back of Baby S’s neck gets me- I can remember sniffing and kissing my own babies right in that spot like it was yesterday!

Baby S Newborn Photography 1Baby S Newborn Photography 4Baby S Newborn Photography 3Baby S Newborn Photography 2Baby S Newborn Photography 6Baby S Newborn Photography 5