A Sunny Cambridge Wedding!

An Orthodox Jewish Wedding in July

A few seasons ago I was hired by Nir of Nir Landau Photography to be a second photographer at a large Jewish Orthodox wedding he was photographing. Since then, I’ve photographed at least half a dozen more Jewish Orthodox weddings, and they’re some of my very favorite to photograph for a few reasons. I get chills each time during the bedeken when music is heard in the hallway and the groom rides in with a wave of friends and family after singing and dancing during his tish. I love the way the bride is flanked by mothers and grandmothers with sisters and cousins and friends standing behind her.

And then the incredible dancing…. the hora sometimes lasts a whole hour! The speed of the spinning is such a thrilling challenge as a photographer. And the tricks or schticks performed for the couple- amazing. People standing on their heads, incredible jumping feats, wild costumes….so much energy and love all in the span of a night!

This wedding with Nir was at the Cambridge Hyatt, and the joy was right there at the surface as the two families came together!

Fall on the North Shore!

Beautiful Outdoor Jewish Wedding in Beverly, MA

I had so much fun second shooting this wedding last season in Beverly, MA with my friend and colleague Leise of Leise Jones Photography! She mentioned the couple was into contra dancing, and from the moment the band struck the first chord, the dance floor was alive. The caller even made the two of us photographers join in for a spell! Since the couple chose the Estate at Moraine Farm partly for its natural landscape, I enjoyed documenting the changing fall colors and flower details. Then, as twilight fell, I stepped outside to photograph the tent’s profile at night. There’s something about a glowing tent with that blue, blue sky….

First, a few of my favorites:

And now, let’s rewind to the beginning of the event:

Pioneer Valley Fall Wedding

Moira & James

When you arrive at a wedding location to find the bride’s mother assembling local flowers from the market in vases, her baker cousin putting the finishing touches on mini cupcakes in the communal kitchen, her brother setting out the table cards, and his girlfriend hanging delicate Chinese paper art, you know you’ll be treated to a homespun, family centered affair that’s sure to be touching.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that my cheeks hurt at the end of the night from smiling so much as I photographed Moira & James’ wedding at Pioneer Valley CohousingMaytal Saltiel did a beautiful job officiating their heartfelt ceremony- they were both glowing, and their joy radiated out to the family and friends who gathered outside in the warm late afternoon light to see them exchange vows that they wrote themselves.

The food was delicious! Hillside Organic Catering out of Bernardston, MA provided mouth-watering dishes (Javanese salmon, chicken piccata, portabella and porcini cheese stuffed ravioli….mmm…). I’m going to recommend them to my future couples because I want seconds of everything they served. Moira’s cousin Loren from Simply Sharon’s made the delicious and adorable mini cupcakes that people gobbled up.

And the dancing! I cannot believe the spirit and stamina this group maintained all the way to the very last song, Closing Time by Semisonic. The photo of Moira’s brother suspended in the air behind her and James was not Photoshopped- he was airborne!

Moira & James, it was an honor!

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