Tea, a Walk, and the Sunset in Brooklyn

| Jenny & Ethan's Adventure Session/Engagement Session |

Many couples become a little wary when I bring up planning their Adventure Session (a.k.a. an “engagement session”). They envision awkward poses and forced emotions, but that isn’t at all my approach because….yuck! I explain that the point of an adventure together session is for us to have fun, get comfortable around each other, and for me to get to know them as a couple so I can really hit it out of the park on their wedding day. When words don’t convince them, I offer examples, and this recent November session in Brooklyn is a perfect example of how dynamic Salty Raven adventure sessions can be- I know I had a blast!

Jenny and Ethan are getting married in Brooklyn this May, and I can’t wait to chase them around the streets again in pursuit of magic light, murals, and moody alleys….

P.S. If you know any friends looking for a wedding photographer, Salty Raven is now booking weddings for the 2017/2018 seasons!


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