Skinner State Park Engagement Session

| Abby & Colin's Picnic Session Between Storms |

Abby & Colin are just the cutest couple ever. They became sweethearts in high school and planned their wedding at the Log Cabin to coincide with their 8 year anniversary if you can believe it!

Skinner State Park has long been a special place for them as a couple, so when they suggested it as a destination for their Adventure Together Session (AKA engagement session), I was all for it. The views from their picnic spot were spectacular; we could see for miles across the Pioneer Valley. We could also see the storm clouds approaching, so when Abby pulled up the radar on her phone and guessed that we might only have 15 minutes before the downpour started, we wrapped up and headed for the overlook. Warning- if you’re scared of heights, you might need to close your eyes for a few of these photos!

P.S. When you bring Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider for a picnic up on a mountain, remember that it doesn’t have a twist-off cap! I’m actually glad they didn’t have a bottle opener with them though because it made for an awesomely hilarious sequence of pictures. We were all in stitches. Strength, persistence, and a rusted steel thingamajig saved the day!


Check out the radar showing the giant storm approaching!

Success! And a volcano of bubbles!

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