Newborn Photo Session for Baby S

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I could photograph Baby’s S’s big brother all day. The faces he was making while feeding his new sister are hilarious! Opening his mouth to show her what she needed to do, grimacing when a little squirted out, the look of, “Yeah, I got this!” when she took the bottle….

Though they are called “newborn photo sessions,” the interactions between the newborn and her/his parents and other family members are perhaps what I focus on most in a session. Of course, the documentation of teeny tiny baby parts that are so fleeting is also super important. The photo of the back of Baby S’s neck gets me- I can remember sniffing and kissing my own babies right in that spot like it was yesterday!

Baby S Newborn Photography 1Baby S Newborn Photography 4Baby S Newborn Photography 3Baby S Newborn Photography 2Baby S Newborn Photography 6Baby S Newborn Photography 5



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