A Boston City Hall Wedding!

| Boston Elopement Photographer |

I think Boston City Hall is practically perfect as a backdrop for a wedding, and I hope I’m not alone in thinking so. Yes, its lines are hard and rigid. Its concrete is heavy feeling, stark, and cold. But the building is *so* interesting visually!

I may feel most at home amongst rolling hills and natural landscapes, but Boston City Hall lets me stretch composition muscles like no other backdrop. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it; I would photograph a wedding there every week if I could because it’s so intriguing from a photojournalism and fine art perspective.

Congrats to Marilyn and Vadim, and thank you for trusting me to follow my eye down the hallways of Boston City Hall!


When I arrived at City Hall, I noticed these three dapper gentlemen on the steps. They turned out to be Vadim and his friends, and my favorite first look of the season followed as he spotted Marilyn arriving from across the courtyard!

A New Bedford Whaling Museum Wedding!

| Victoria & Mark's summer wedding in New Bedford, MA |

In my opinion, New Bedford Whaling Museum is one of the coolest venues in New England with giant whale skeletons suspended dramatically from the ceiling, gorgeous harbor views, and really interesting museum exhibits for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour. While it may not be the look all couples desire, for those who want their wedding venue to have character and history, especially for a couple who digs science or marine biology, it’s totally awesome. Plus, with its variety of different rooms and interesting indoor spaces, it’s the perfect venue for a winter wedding or one where weather might be a factor (nearly every wedding in New England, right?).

Victoria and Mark were married there earlier this summer, and I was just giddy when they hired me to photograph their wedding; I used to be a park ranger at Point Reyes National Seashore giving talks about whales, so this venue was right up my alley. I can’t wait to get back there!

First, a few of my favorites (the harbor lights were sooo pretty that night from the balcony!), and then we’ll start at the beginning where they got ready at a nearby hotel before going to the beautiful seaside family property where they had their first look….

Vendor Info provided by the couple:

Venue: New Bedford Whaling Museum

Coordinator: Casey Nelson, cnelson@morins.com

Catering: Russel Morin Catering

Photography: Danielle of Salty Raven Studio & Event Photography

Hotel: Fairfield Inn and Suites

Hair and Makeup: Katelyn Webb Beauty

Justice of the Peace: Dr. Jeri Katz, Jerry Cibley & Company

Music: DJ Jake of Cape Tunes

Dance Instructor:Vadim Asmolov, Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Mystic, CT

Florist: NovelExpressions on Etsy

Dress and Tux: Nicole’s Boutique in Brick, NJ (designer – Maggie Sottero) & Men’s Warehouse (for tux)



A Sunny State Park Wedding!

Tori & Bridget's Wedding in Cooperstown, NY

You know that thing about catching the bouquet at a wedding….

I met Tori & Bridget two summers ago when I was the photographer at their friends’ wedding, and I will not forget the level of excitement in the crowd when Tori caught the bouquet. Fast forward a year, and the light at sunset during their Adventure Session was unreal (see it here!). Skip ahead one more year to their wedding day, and I couldn’t believe it when they had another sunset that was just wild. Stunning light plus their chemistry led to perhaps the most romantic series of photos I’ve ever taken of a couple at their wedding.

The sunset was magical, but the whole day was lovely. A few of my favorite things about their Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park wedding:

-How totally apparent it was that Tori & Bridget were in the moment on their wedding day, enjoying each other and their guests fully. So Tori’s earrings wouldn’t cooperate- so what. She didn’t care! So it was too windy to light the candles on the tables- not a big deal at all. I could tell how much they adored their family and friends and how much it meant to them to be wrapped up in love- even literally when they were gifted a gorgeous handmade quilt inspired by the clothing they wore for their Adventure Session. It’s the one in the sunset photos, and it will be treasured always no doubt.

-The generations of guests present, from grandparents to little babes in arms. The state park pavilion was next to a playground, so the kids were over the moon. They’re going to think all weddings involve swings!

-The food was AMAZING. It was an all vegetarian buffet, and even the most meat-and-potatoes focused guests were going back for seconds.

-The ceremony was so touching. The celebrant knew Bridget from college days when she and Tori first met, and the personal and powerful sermon she delivered was the best I’ve ever heard. A friend sang Ave Maria, and her voice gave me chills. Many a tear was wiped as her voice soared.

I could go on and on, but I’m so thankful to have first met Journey and Amy who then led me to Tori and Bridget.

All the best wishes,


First, a few of my favorites followed in storytelling fashion from getting ready to getting down on the dance floor!

And now to the beginning where Tori and Bridget got ready in the state park’s adorable cabins….

I love this moment caught just before the ceremony started. “You’re going to need some tissues for this one,” is what I’m imagining him saying.

The photo below is special to me for a couple of reasons- Tori & Bridget were listening to the readings, and I noticed that a sliver between the pews framed their clasped hands. The lines from the shadows and carvings lead your eye to their hands, but then there’s another layer to it- Tori’s parents were married in the same church, so the pews have family history as well.

Months ago I received an email out of the blue from a woman asking for help identifying a shirt pattern. She explained that she was making Tori and Bridget a wedding quilt inspired by the clothing they wore for their Adventure Session! She had found a checkered fabric to match Tori’s dress already, but the pattern on Bridget’s shirt was a little too tricky to discern. I asked her to please let me photograph them opening the quilt because I knew it would be super special, and wow. It totally was.


Vendor Info provided by the couple:

Reception Venue: Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park

Photography: Salty Raven Studio & Event Photography

Catering: Brian Wrubleski of Mel’s at 22

Celebrants/officiants: Elsie Rhodes, the reverend of First Presbyterian, and Tamara, a family friend who is in seminary

DJ: DJ – Elm Street Entertainment

Flowers: Info coming soon!

Bridget’s suit: Made for her by Bindle & Keep


A Sunny Cambridge Wedding!

An Orthodox Jewish Wedding in July

A few seasons ago I was hired by Nir of Nir Landau Photography to be a second photographer at a large Jewish Orthodox wedding he was photographing. Since then, I’ve photographed at least half a dozen more Jewish Orthodox weddings, and they’re some of my very favorite to photograph for a few reasons. I get chills each time during the bedeken when music is heard in the hallway and the groom rides in with a wave of friends and family after singing and dancing during his tish. I love the way the bride is flanked by mothers and grandmothers with sisters and cousins and friends standing behind her.

And then the incredible dancing…. the hora sometimes lasts a whole hour! The speed of the spinning is such a thrilling challenge as a photographer. And the tricks or schticks performed for the couple- amazing. People standing on their heads, incredible jumping feats, wild costumes….so much energy and love all in the span of a night!

This wedding with Nir was at the Cambridge Hyatt, and the joy was right there at the surface as the two families came together!

Fall on the North Shore!

Beautiful Outdoor Jewish Wedding in Beverly, MA

I had so much fun second shooting this wedding last season in Beverly, MA with my friend and colleague Leise of Leise Jones Photography! She mentioned the couple was into contra dancing, and from the moment the band struck the first chord, the dance floor was alive. The caller even made the two of us photographers join in for a spell! Since the couple chose the Estate at Moraine Farm partly for its natural landscape, I enjoyed documenting the changing fall colors and flower details. Then, as twilight fell, I stepped outside to photograph the tent’s profile at night. There’s something about a glowing tent with that blue, blue sky….

First, a few of my favorites:

And now, let’s rewind to the beginning of the event:

Northampton, MA Wedding at Union Station

| Joan & Matt's Catholic Church Ceremony & Reception at Union Station in Northampton, MA |

Over the course of a wedding season I might photograph a ceremony on a beach in Cape Cod, in front of a lighthouse in Newport, or amongst a field of goldenrod in Maine. One of the things that makes me stand out as a wedding photographer is that I also find inspiration indoors in places of worship; I love photographing rituals and the joining together of a couple, no matter the setting. In fact, the longer the ceremony, the more time I have to explore (quietly and discreetly) available light, shadows, and different vantage points. Joan & Matt’s full mass ceremony at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Springfield, MA allowed me to do just that. I just love the photo I caught of them sneaking a look at each other.

Their reception followed at the Grand Ballroom at Union Station in Northampton, MA, one of the coolest venues in the Pioneer Valley because it was the site of the old train station in Northampton and sits above The Tunnel Bar, a super romantic bar known for tasty martinis. Here are seven of my favorite photos from the day to start off with….


….and here is their wedding day story told in chronological sequence!

Boston Public Garden Wedding Preview

| Boston Wedding Photographer |

Oh, how the Boston Public Garden sparkled this past Saturday after an afternoon rain shower! We took a brief jaunt through the gardens on our way to this radiant couple’s reception, but I could have happily stayed for hours and still been inspired by my surroundings.

Stay tuned for more to come in the next few weeks!


Boston Wedding Photographer 1Boston Wedding Photographer 2Boston Wedding Photographer 3

North Easton, MA Wedding at Borderland State Park

| Journey & Amy |

Journey and Amy’s wedding day at Borderland State Park was WET. Like, the kind of wet where your shoes fill up with rainwater from a squishy lawn and start making funny squeaking noises. But what I remember most about their wedding day is not the misty air (although it made for really romantic portraits!). Instead, I remember the warmth radiating out from Journey and Amy. They simply glowed in that summer sunshine way.

And what a merry band of close family and friends materialized out of the fog! I knew I would have a blast when toddlers appeared clutching dinosaurs, newlywed Wellesley College alumni guests arrived (my alma mater), and their dear loved ones jumped right in helping to set up the reception space and making the cement porch attached to the mansion feel homey with bold pillows, bright tablecloths, and cheery flowers provided by the herb farm where Journey’s mother works.

Isn’t it so obvious when looking at their photos how enamored they are of each other? Congratulations on your first anniversary, and I’m so glad I was able to photograph your wedding!

P.S. The guests who caught the bouquet are getting married next summer, and I’ll be their photographer too! See their engagement session in the Berkshires here!

Boston Wedding Photographer 10Boston Wedding Photographer 1Boston Wedding Photographer 3Boston Wedding Photographer 3Boston Wedding Photographer 4Boston Wedding Photographer 5Boston Wedding Photographer 6Boston Wedding Photographer 7Boston Wedding Photographer 8Boston Wedding Photographer 9Boston Wedding Photographer 11

New York City Hall Wedding

| Shayla & Paul's Springtime Wedding |

According to the time stamps on their ceremony photos, one minute and 58 seconds is the time it takes to be officially married in New York City Hall from when you enter the chapel until the first kiss! But Shayla and Paul’s intimate destination wedding in NYC was way more than just the ceremony.

As a wedding photographer with a documentary/storytelling approach, I was giddy over the waiting room aspect of their City Hall wedding. Anticipation built as they waited for their number- C693- to be called, traveled through the various stations, and waited outside the chapel for their turn with the officiant.

And then there was Manhattan! And family portraits under flowering trees, famous Grimaldi’s pizza under the Brooklyn Bridge, vows exchanged in a secluded corner of Battery Park, and countless sweet glances and gentle exchanges between the couple. Thank you, Shayla and Paul; it was an honor photographing your beautiful wedding day, and I wish you all the best for the exciting adventures to come!

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