Remember Late Summer?

| Joan & Matt's Engagement Session Hike | New England Wedding Photographer |

New England was blanketed by more than a foot of snow today, but while the storm raged on, I was taken back to the sunny evening I spent with Joan & Matt just a couple of weeks before their wedding this fall at Union Station Banquets (see their wedding post here). The late summer light was just sooo gorgeous, and the sunset was one of those that you savor until well past dusk…


Lifestyle Family Session in Miami!

| Lifestyle Beach Family Photography |

Okay, first of all, I haven’t moved my business down to Florida despite my dislike of snow and ice. I’m just super lucky that my husband’s family lives in South Florida, so for a couple of glorious weeks each winter, we can soak up the sun and wear sandals instead of snow boots. This past visit over the holidays involved a new twist- a lifestyle family session in Miami! How adorable is this one-year-old? And how amazing are palm trees? I’m sure all the year-round Florida photographers are sooo over them, but to me they’re magical.


Tea, a Walk, and the Sunset in Brooklyn

| Jenny & Ethan's Adventure Session/Engagement Session |

Many couples become a little wary when I bring up planning their Adventure Session (a.k.a. an “engagement session”). They envision awkward poses and forced emotions, but that isn’t at all my approach because….yuck! I explain that the point of an adventure together session is for us to have fun, get comfortable around each other, and for me to get to know them as a couple so I can really hit it out of the park on their wedding day. When words don’t convince them, I offer examples, and this recent November session in Brooklyn is a perfect example of how dynamic Salty Raven adventure sessions can be- I know I had a blast!

Jenny and Ethan are getting married in Brooklyn this May, and I can’t wait to chase them around the streets again in pursuit of magic light, murals, and moody alleys….

P.S. If you know any friends looking for a wedding photographer, Salty Raven is now booking weddings for the 2017/2018 seasons!


Northampton, MA Wedding at Union Station

| Joan & Matt's Catholic Church Ceremony & Reception at Union Station in Northampton, MA |

Over the course of a wedding season I might photograph a ceremony on a beach in Cape Cod, in front of a lighthouse in Newport, or amongst a field of goldenrod in Maine. One of the things that makes me stand out as a wedding photographer is that I also find inspiration indoors in places of worship; I love photographing rituals and the joining together of a couple, no matter the setting. In fact, the longer the ceremony, the more time I have to explore (quietly and discreetly) available light, shadows, and different vantage points. Joan & Matt’s full mass ceremony at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Springfield, MA allowed me to do just that. I just love the photo I caught of them sneaking a look at each other.

Their reception followed at the Grand Ballroom at Union Station in Northampton, MA, one of the coolest venues in the Pioneer Valley because it was the site of the old train station in Northampton and sits above The Tunnel Bar, a super romantic bar known for tasty martinis. Here are seven of my favorite photos from the day to start off with….


….and here is their wedding day story told in chronological sequence!

Boston Area Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

| Welcome Baby O! | Lifestyle Newborn Photography |

By far, my favorite lifestyle newborn photo sessions involve older siblings. Kids are wildly unpredictable, and I just love that about them! Baby O’s older sisters were so excited to welcome me into their home. They flitted about showing me their rooms, how well their mattresses bounced, their baby dolls and books, and the star of the day: their new baby brother. This little baby is so very loved by his family!

It was a pleasure spending the morning with this sweet family and catching authentic moments that I hope will be treasured always!


Canaan, New York Wedding Celebration!

| Audrey & Eric's Stylish and Relaxed Countryside Celebration in the Rolling Hills |

Audrey & Eric’s marriage was celebrated this fall in a gorgeous setting rich in family history near the Berkshire Mountains, just over the border into New York. With rolling fields, charming farm buildings from the 1800’s, and beautiful meadows of flowers and cattails, this wedding was a dream to photograph. And Audrey’s dress- amazing!!!

Perhaps because they were “officially” married in Cambridge City Hall earlier this year, they were able to enjoy a more relaxed gathering where the focus was on good food and drink, great company, and the beautiful surroundings. Their guests were greeted upon arrival with drinks and appetizers, an hour or so later everyone moved to the shade under a gorgeous tree for a brief ceremony honoring Audrey & Eric’s marriage, and then it was off to their lunch reception at Mario’s Restaurant in New Lebanon. A few guests returned to the farm afterward to play a generations-old family golf game with a tennis ball, dance, and soak up the late afternoon light.

It was a pleasure photographing this lovely celebration for Audrey & Eric!


Marfa, Texas Destination Wedding

| Sarah & David's Gorgeous West Texas Wedding |

Sarah and David’s wedding in Marfa, Texas was epic in all the best ways. Each detail of the wedding’s southwestern theme showcased the bride’s amazing style. Her dress and shoes especially…wow! Guests enjoyed stunning desert landscapes, a mission church with charming architecture, and the town of Marfa of course- a place rich in art, culture, and plenty of quirks.

I feel so fortunate to have photographed this couple’s destination wedding and see their vision for it come together so beautifully!


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Olbrich Botanical Gardens Wedding

| Abbey & Natalie in Madison, WI |

Abbey & Natalie’s wedding at Olbrich Botanical Gardens was simply magical- just look at how they glowed! And the gardens! They were like nothing I had ever seen- with every direction you turned, different botanical textures, colors, and patterns would lead your eye to the next gorgeous backdrop. I was absolutely giddy with the options, and because they chose to do a first look (a fabulous choice), we were able to explore the gardens a bit before the ceremony. The day started out *very* wet, but by late afternoon, the skies cleared, and everything was shiny and fresh for the ceremony to be held outside.

Along with the stunning garden setting, I also loved how involved their families and friends were in the wedding.

-That gorgeous ivory dress that Natalie wore with the lace on the top? It was Natalie’s mom’s wedding dress, and Abbey’s mom, a talented seamstress, modified it. Check out the before and after picture to see the remarkable transformation!

-The officiant was Abbey’s father (and he did a fantastic job!).

-The talented make-up artist was a close friend from college, the chauffeur was a brother, the day-of-coordinator was a sister, the DJ was a former roommate and friend….

…and they all knew exactly where to be and when using remarkably thorough Excel spreadsheets that the couple put together. My favorite spreadsheet title was “The Stuff and Who’s In Charge.” I wish I had been half as organized when I planned my own wedding!

Congratulations you two, and thank you so much for choosing Salty Raven to photograph your wedding; I loved getting to know you and your guests, and I hope to return to Madison someday very soon.

madison-wedding-photographer-1madison-wedding-photographer-2madison-wedding-photographer-3madison-wedding-photographer-4madison-wi-wedding-photographer-5 madison-wedding-photographer-6madison-wedding-photographer-7madison-wedding-photographer-8madison-wedding-photographer-9madison-wi-wedding-photographer-10 madison-wedding-photographer-11madison-wi-wedding-photographer-12 madison-wedding-photographer-13madison-wi-wedding-photographer-14 madison-wedding-photographer-15madison-wedding-photographer-16madison-wedding-photographer-17madison-wedding-photographer-18madison-wedding-photographer-19madison-wedding-photographer-20madison-wedding-photographer-21

Venue: Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI

Caterer: Blue Plate Catering

Cupcakes: Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery

Abbey’s Dress: BHLDN Wedding Dresses, Badgley Mischka


Boston Public Garden Wedding Preview

| Boston Wedding Photographer |

Oh, how the Boston Public Garden sparkled this past Saturday after an afternoon rain shower! We took a brief jaunt through the gardens on our way to this radiant couple’s reception, but I could have happily stayed for hours and still been inspired by my surroundings.

Stay tuned for more to come in the next few weeks!


Boston Wedding Photographer 1Boston Wedding Photographer 2Boston Wedding Photographer 3

Wellesley College Summer Family Session

|Wellesley, MA Family Photographer|

There are so many things I loved about this recent family session on the Wellesley College Campus:

* little hands getting stuck in a raisin box (because who doesn’t remember the struggle of getting the last stuck ones out?)

* the many faces of an infant that is just learning to sit up (thank you, parents, for allowing me to continue photographing him as his little face crumpled up!)

* the way little kids always manage to find giant sticks twice their body length

….and the sweet moments caught between siblings as their relationship deepens. Always those.


Wellesley Family Photographer 1Wellesley Family Photographer 2Wellesley Family Photographer 3Wellesley Family Photographer 4Wellesley Family Photographer 5Wellesley Family Photographer 6Wellesley Family Photographer 7