A Sunny Cambridge City Hall Wedding

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I absolutely love City Hall weddings. I’ve photographed one in NYC and lots at Boston City Hall, but this was my first wedding at Cambridge City Hall, and it was just lovely.

A merry band of close friends and family gathered in Cambridge that sunny day to celebrate S + A. Luckily, they were all able to witness the wedding because the weather cooperated, and their awesome city clerk was willing to perform the wedding outside on the lawn of City Hall!!! Were there a few interruptions by car horns and buses rumbling by? Of course. Did a stranger or two stop to watch for a moment? Sure, but as S + A said their vows, wiping away tears, the city noise and the passersby melted away.

But my favorite part of the day? I think maybe it was starting out in their apartment- the cozy home they would be saying goodbye to in a few short weeks when they moved abroad. When I asked them what they loved doing together in their apartment, they laughed and said that A enjoyed laying his head on S’s lap. “Then let’s do that!” I replied.

Or maybe my favorite part was stopping for a smoothie right after they were married. When they mentioned they loved Life Alive located directly across the street from City Hall (it’s a favorite of mine too), I insisted on treating them to a “Just Married Smoothie!”

A Cambridge City Hall wedding of a woman in a short white dress and a man in a white shirt. They dance in front of a blue wall, walk across the street in a crosswalk, and then order a smoothie at Life Alive.
The couple relaxes on their couch at home before heading to Cambridge City Hall to get married.
The man lays his head in the woman
The bride puts on a flower crown, the groom fixes his bowtie, and they stand outside of their apartment before heading to Cambridge City Hall to get married.
The couple walked to Cambridge City Hall to get married and stopped in front of some of their favorite archways.
Before heading to Cambridge City Hall to get married, they stopped on their favorite park bench in front of the Cambridge City Library.
The bride is hugged enthusiastically by a woman when she arrives for her Cambridge City Hall wedding.
The couple walks up the steps to Cambridge City Hall. The American Flag flies along with others including the Gay Pride flag.
The couple heads to the office of the city clerk to check in and get their marriage license looked over.
Their ceremony was on the lawn of Cambridge City Hall. They stood under a large shade tree.
They said their vows to each other and shared a first kiss under the tree at Cambridge City Hall.
The couple receives hugs after their Cambridge City Hall wedding and poses for photos with friends.
After their Cambridge City Hall wedding, the couple enjoyed some moments alone together on the steps in the sun.
After their Cambridge City Hall wedding, the couple headed to a friend
Toasts resulted in much laughter by the couple and their friends and family as they were toasted for their wedding at Cambridge City Hall.
This is the final photo showing them walking away after getting married at Cambridge City Hall.

Other things I will remember from this wedding:

  • Visiting “their” bench in front of the Cambridge City Library on the way to their wedding.
  • The welcome they got from their friends as they walked up to City Hall.
  • They pointed out that Cambridge has the LONGEST walk signals of any city, and I believe them! We could have walked across the street and back a half dozen times before the blinking hand started.
  • Those reactions during the speeches- there’s a good story behind them. Now, I was taking photos so I didn’t catch every detail, but there was a bananas tale about how S’s mother mistakenly sent a friend request to A on Facebook right after their first date!!! She panicked, thought she had fixed it, but….A *TOTALLY* noticed that the mother of the woman he had just shared a date with had friend requested him. He kept it a secret for a few years I think before fessing up and admitting that he took it as a very good sign!

Are you interested in getting married at Cambridge City Hall? You need an appointment, and there are indoor options too inside City Hall to have the wedding. Click here to be taken to their website that walks you through the process of getting an appointment, and then call Salty Raven to reserve your date!

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